Asus VivoWatch SP Review | Features & Best Price in India

Asus VivoWatch SP helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle. We have given the complete features and overview of design and price.

Rating: 3.5/5

Asus is not yet done in smartwatches. They introduced a surprisingly good smartwatch in IFA 2019. Asus understood the importance of fitness, and this watch is specially designed with fitness features. The company is promising an awesome 14 days of battery life.

The Asus VivoWatch SP is designed for running, speed monitoring, distance, and route mapping. There is even an Altimeter included for people who like hiking. This device is mainly designed to be a fitness tracker, not as a smartwatch. The Asus VivoWatch SP comes in black and grey. 

The Asus VivoWatch SP is approximately priced at  $204 which is a worthwhile product packed with many different fitness features and is one of the best asus smartwatches out there. I would uge everyone to check Asus VivoWatch SP specs before taking any further decision

Key features:

  • Touch display
  • Fitness focus
  • ECG and PPG sensors
  • 5 ATM water resistant 

  • ECG and PPG sensor
  • Built in GPS and Altimeter
  • Asus HealthAI technology
  • 14 days Battery life
  • Fast charging
  • Brightness of the screen should be improved
  • Need a lot of improvement in smartphone notifications

Design :

Asus VivoWatch

The intelligent health tracker Asus VivoWatch watch SP looks like a classic analog watch with a circular curved design. The body of the watch is made up of stainless steel and the display is made up of 1.34 inch high reflective color LCD screen with always on display. VivoWatch SP comes with dimensions of 53.5*46.5*14.2 mm and 320*300 pixel screen resolution, weighing around 36 grams without strap. The Asus smartwatch VivoWatch SP comes with 22mm watch straps. You can use any 22mm watch straps which come in many colours.

Asus VivoWatch SP is a water resistant device which lasts up to a depth of 50 meters for 10 minutes.

The device uses Bluetooth 4.2 to connect to your Android smartphone or iPhone. It is compatible with Android version 4.4 or later and with iOS version 11. This smart tracker is also equipped with 1 GB RAM and 1.15 GHZ processor, as well as 200 MAH battery which lasts up to 10 days for regular usage, and 14 days in power saving mode.

The Asus smartwatch Vivowatch SP has sensors that pack with ECG and PPG which measures pulse transit time, heart rate, tracks your sleep, gravity sensor, GPS, and altimeter. On other hand it also measures oxygen saturation in the blood, and also allows menstrual cycle control. The watch can also receive notifications and calls like other smartwatches.


Asus VivoWatch SP Review

There is also an optical heart rate sensor at the side which is paired with an ECG at the back. The device can do both heart rate sensing and ECG to give you a clear picture of your heart’s health. It takes 15 seconds to get detailed analysis of your heart rate. There is also an indicator for Arterial stiffness which calculates pulse transit time along with the user’s skin resistance, and can also be used to evaluate an individual’s emotional states like stress, anxiety, fear, happiness, or relaxation etc.

When you keep this watch on your wrist, it will learn your behavior all the time and give you tips on how to live a healthier life. If you wear it for 7 days, the device starts offering suggestions on types of exercises you can do in order to have a healthier heart.

Asus VivoWatch SP

Sleep tracking:

It examines how you sleep, including how many times you turn from side to side each night. Asus vivowatch SP can also tell how your heart rate evolves while you are in sleep. You will receive a detailed analyzed report which tells about how much time you spent in light sleep or deep sleep, and how much you were awake. You can even check out pulse O2  level. The Asus smartwatch VivoWatch SP syncs automatically to the ASUS Health Connect app.

Asus VivoWatch

VivoWatch SP also can track your workout. You get a report about how much you exercised, whether it was aerobic, yoga or other exercise, and a map with basic statistics- If you enabled GPS tracking. As you wear it, the Asus vivowatch SP gets better at tracking specific exercises, like running, biking, swimming etc.

Asus VivoWatch

SPO2 :

Asus VivoWatch SP measures blood oxygen level using another type of SpO2 technique called reflectance pulse oximetry which simply measures when light is reflected on to the skin instead of passing through the body. This makes it the ideal way for smartwatches and fitness trackers to measure SpO2.

Asus VivoWatch SP
Additional features :

You can even share your health data with your family doctor or anyone you choose, easily and securely. This health data can be backed up  to the cloud, so if in case your files get deleted, the device helps to restore your files in the cloud or you can download these files on any android phones from the cloud. You can also enter your medicine schedule from Asus health app. It will remind you when it’s time to take your medicines.

Asus VivoWatch SP Review

Final verdict :

The Asus VivoWatch SP is not a full functional smartwatch but is a fitness tracker equipped with many premium features such as ECG, PPG, built-in GPS, Exercise companion, Health Insights (using HealthAI), and many more. The watch can track your heart rate, measure the amount of oxygen present in the blood, and also track your sleep. The Asus vivowatch SP charges very quickly and boasts a battery life of 14 days with normal usage. On the other side, the device has a lackluster touchscreen which looks dark and dull. Asus needs to improve features for smartphone notifications since they have become very important for many smartwatches these days. There are better smartwatches at this price range. I would check out Apple Watch 4 before going checking out Asus VivoWatch SP specs.

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Best Handheld Body Fat Scanners of 2022

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