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Apple Watch vs Android Watch

The new age is all about speed and technology. Brands are competing hard to make the newest technologies available to us, making our lives more convenient. In recent years the popularity of smartwatches has increased manifolds. Technology has now become wearable, and consumers are loving it! If you are a smartphone user, a smartwatch is the best companion for your device. With an increasing number of options, it can be confusing for you to choose. Read to know more about Apple Watch vs Android Watch.

Difference Between Apple Watch and Android Wear

When it comes to buying a smartwatch the biggest confusion can be between Apple and Android watches. The Apple Watch vs Android watch debate is an old one. While the choice of a smartwatch depends completely on the user’s specific requirements, the pros and cons of both Apple and Android watches can be discussed to help you make an informed choice.

Apple is the Market Leader

It can be said without a doubt that Apple leads the market for smartwatches, and as a result, it is the first choice for many customers. While this is understandable, the fact remains that Apple smartwatches are not compatible with Android phones. But Android users should not despair because there are many options available for them as well. Some of these Android Smartwatches are not only a good alternative to the Apple smartwatch but also contain features that are better than the latter.


Despite the huge range of Android watches available in the market Apple continues to dominate the game. It can be attributed to the advanced features offered by Apple ever since the unveiling of the original Apple Watch in 2015. A comparison between the Apple Watch and Android wear can arguably show that the latter had lagged initially. But, in recent years the best smartwatches for Android are offering almost the same features as the Apple watch and even exceeding in certain departments.

Ever since 2015 Apple has upgraded its watches and given the customers the very best features. This constant up-gradation of the original Apple Watch has made sure that the customers easily understand what they could expect from the new watch which has the signature Apple watch design. Whereas, the huge range of Android watches available can be trickier to comprehend.

But despite the possible confusion caused by Android watches, it gives the customers a greater range to choose from and pick a watch to fit their specific needs.


Possibly the biggest difference between the Apple Watch and Android wear is the battery life. Android watches on average have better battery life than Apple watches. This can be attributed to the relatively smaller dial sizes and high-end hardware and software that Apple roles out every time. While Apple Smartwatches excel in other aspects, most Android Smartwatches and a few of the leading Android smartwatches such as Samsung and Fitbit have greater battery longevity.


After Apple, Samsung and Huawei have created their niche in smartwatches. In India, the primary contenders in this area are Apple and Samsung. Both these companies have recently come out with their latest models – Apple Watch Series 7 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

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Price and other Options

Apple Watch Series 7 Price in India

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 ranges from ₹26999 to ₹42999. Whereas the Apple Watch Series 7 price in India is from ₹41900 to ₹83900. With almost similar features both these watches can be termed as the best choices for Indian customers this year. While Apple has improved its display size with a 20% increase without changing the display borders. Samsung on the other hand offers more designs than Apple.

Samsung also has a better battery life of about 2 days compared to the 18 hours battery life of the Apple Watch. The good news for Android users remains that they have plenty of other choices when it comes to buying a smartwatch. While Apple and Samsung smartwatches have advanced fitness and health monitoring features, some users might seek a more fitness-oriented smartwatch. In such cases, they can go for Fitbit smartwatches which have additional features for health monitoring and also give excellent battery backup.

Similarly, Android device users also have the option of going for other high-end brands like Huawei and Garmin. Both these brands provide the latest features and also have unbelievable battery life. Apart from these, users looking for cheaper options in Android-compatible smartwatches can also go for brands like Mi, Realme, etc.

But overall, if the quality of the watches is considered, there is no clear winner in this particular Apple watch vs Android-compatible watches contest. As previously mentioned, Apple Smartwatches lack the battery life compared to many smartwatches compatible with Android, but given other features like space, durability, and quality Apple is still somewhat ahead. If Apple someday decides to make its watches compatible with Android devices, most people will choose it over other brands for its premium quality. But despite the superior standing of Apple in the market, the increasing range of Android-compatible smartwatches is much appreciated.


So, in conclusion, it can be rightly said that most big companies are now competing hard to secure their position in the market, and thus Android-compatible watch brands are constantly trying to match the level of Apple. While brands like Samsung have already achieved the feat, other brands too are trying to provide better and better features. Thus, the Apple Watch vs Android-compatible Watch debate can be a difficult one to answer in the present scenario.

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