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Two generations old, still the best and more affordable


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Apple Watch Series 3 Review

The Apple Watch 3 Review given in detail here. Apple revolutionized the smartwatch sector with its release of Apple watch series 3 in 2017. Even today, the watch is one of the best in the market and is second to only its successors. Now the series 3 watch is more affordable, and Apple even added cellular connectivity to watch 3. Apple Watch 3 is a killer watch at this price range. The 42 mm version is just marginally pricier than the 38 mm version. With its impeccable hardware, OS, and other features, the Apple Watch stands out to be the best in the market.

  • Best for the price
  • Cellular variant available now
  • Fitness features
  • Lack of always-on display

Apple Watch Series 3 Key Features

  • In-built GPS
  • Altimeter (for measuring vertical movement)
  • Waterproof
  • Voice assistant (Siri)
  • Fitness features
  • Accurate heart rate monitoring
  • Notifications

Apple Watch 3 Series 2020 Screen and Design

Apple Watch Series 3 comes in 38 mm and 42 mm sizes, both 2 mm smaller than its successor model Apple Watch 4. So if you have a smaller wrist like me, you don’t need to worry about the size of the Series 3. The screen has a square-shaped dial with curved edges. It has an instant appeal of a smartwatch and looks pretty modernistic. Also, you can just raise your wrist to wake up the screen and also talk to Siri without even the need to use any hot word. Read Apple Watch 3 Review before buy.

There are hundreds of straps in the market for all the watches in the Apple watch series. Don’t stick to the straps that come default with the box. You should definitely try some of the third-party designs since they are absolutely stunning.


For a model that is nearly 3 years old, we have 8GB internal memory (The latest premium watch from Samsung, Galaxy Active 2, has 4GB internal storage). You can easily load hundreds of songs with that storage capacity.

Series 3 comes with in-built GPS (more on this later), and numerous sensors to track your fitness and outdoor adventures.

Gorgeous design, premium materials for the build, sharp OLED Retina display, and many other aspects make the Series 3 a classic smartwatch.

Needless to say, the Apple Watch 3 is waterproof (up to a depth of 50 m).

 Features of Apple Watch 3 Series

GPS + Cellular connectivity

Apple Watch 3 Series have in-built GPS and cellular connectivity. In-built GPS is a must in the premium smartwatch segment. In-built GPS is advantageous in situations where you do not want to carry your smartphone and carry just a smartwatch. The watch alone uses in-built GPS to accurately measure distance and pace metrics and track routes. While many say a smartwatch can measure distance and pace without in-built GPS, such measurements are proven to be inaccurate in many situations.

Cellular connectivity is only needed if you want to completely get away from the smartphone. This way, you can insert an e-sim and answer calls, check SMS messages, and other cellular functions. This feature is useful for activities such as swimming where you do not want to carry your smartphone and still want to stay up-to-date with your calls and notifications.

You cannot completely get away with the smartphone by having the cellular feature. If at all compatible, try watching a YouTube video or Instagram feed on your smartwatch. Samsung developed a YouTube app for its Tizen OS. So you can check a youtube video in Galaxy Active 2 and trust me, you don’t want to use your smartwatch for streaming- not yet.

The call quality and the speaker sound is excellent (which only improved further in Apple Watch Series 4)


Apple Watch Series 3 is upgradable to watchOS 7. So you get to have new workouts and sleep tracking on top of the other fitness features that come default with the watch.

You get to see calories burned, distance ran, average heart rate, resting heart rate, and numerous other metrics.

Apple measures heart rate in two ways, one is based on your intensity of the workout and the other is based on resting heart rate. I would say give a read about resting heart rate and how it is correlated with your general health. You would be surprised to see how important it is to have some knowledge on your resting heart rate.

Music and podcasts on Apple Watch

With the cellular variant of the Apple Watch 3, you get to have access to the Beats radio and Apple music streaming directly from the watch without the need to carry an iPhone. Just ask Siri to play the song of your interest. So you have already created a playlist called ‘drive’, ask Siri to play it for you. Apple Music streaming is one of the main reasons to go for the cellular variant of the Apple Watch Series 3.

Battery life of Apple Watch 3

With moderate use, you can easily get the quoted 18 hours of battery life. The LTE feature, you would notice a faster drain. Apple does not want to compromise features to increase the battery life. However, now with the sleep tracking capability, I would like to see more than 24 hours of battery life since we cannot charge our watch if we want to make use of the sleep tracking feature too.

Apple Watch Series 3: Final verdict

When it’s released, the Apple Watch Series 3 was pretty pricier. But now with the release of Apple Watch 6, the price of series 3 came down even further, and the watch is still relevant and offers a good range of services that you would see in any premium smartwatch from competitors such as Samsung Galaxy Active 2. If you do not care about the always-on display and ECG and looking for the best premium smartwatch in an affordable range, hands-down go with the Apple Watch Series 3. Many are looking to know Is Apple Watch 3 Series Worth Buying it? Apple Watch 3 Series is not the latest one, but it is worth in buying it.


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