Apple AR/VR Headset Expected Features, Release Date, & Design


There is no definite set on the launch of the Apple AR/VR Headset, but the expectation and anticipation have triggered a lot of rumors based on the report of Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. It seems to be a headset set to have an all-encompassing 3D for watching videos, gaming, and communication at the surface level.

Now communicating with VR would be great since it would appear that you are face to face with them even if they are in the same room or a different country far away. Certain AR functionalities would be available, but VR would be the focus.

What makes the Apple VR different from the competition is the super high-resolution display, high-end chips, and would beat the M1, and that would translate to the fact that the Apple VR would be better than a 13inch Mac Pro.

As a result, the information listed below is what everyone is expecting right now. Rumors are still circulating and are expected to shift soon.

Apple AR/VR Headset Expected Features:

  • External Cameras

Mixed reality is the primary function of the headset from Apple. The headset might have external cameras, which would aid gestures and hand-tracking. For instance, this would help you in typing with a virtual keyboard. There is also the possibility of twelve cameras acting as catalysts in supplying information to the 8K displays.

  • LiDAR

It stands for Light Detection and Ranging and employs pulsed laser light to estimate the distances to the Earth from a remote location. The expectation is that the headset would contain LiDAR. Despite this rumor being played down and the truth could be that Sony is manufacturing another display which is 4K and a 1.4 inch diagonal, there is no denying the possibility of LiDAR.

  • Advanced Chipset

As per Gurman of Bloomberg, the necessity of the power to drive all these functions in the headset is vital; Hence Apple has decided to include the best and most advanced processors to avoid scrimping. Even the M1 Mac Chip has less power than the one being planned for the headset. Their roles are set as the processor with lower power would compute sensor-related issues, and the higher-end one would have the same or more computing power of the MI.

  • Smart Rings

The capabilities of the external camera are expected to be enhanced through the use of ‘ Smart Rings. ‘These Rings can track every single move of the hand and the fingers on them.

  • Three Pancake Lenses

There is a necessity for the light to reflect. It is a back & forth movement between the lenses and display. If this feature is being worked on, one can expect the headset to be designed, far lighter and compact.

  • Wi-Fi 6E

There would be voluminous data, which you cannot store in the headset. One should do a transfer of such data periodically to an external device. It is possible to do so as the Apple headset is expected to be supported by Wi-Fi 6E, thus ruling out a physical cable. The Wi-Fi facility allows the processing outside the headset, inadvertently enhances battery power, and lightens the headset.

  • Hardware Power

There is no doubt that the headset hardware also requires extraordinary power, which is expected to be fulfilled by installing a 96W MacBook charger.

  • The Apple Watch

For example, the Apple Watch can be used as a remote control for the Apple TV, or it can connect to the camera on the iPhone. Apple’s forthcoming headsets can expand the watch’s display virtually, delivering enhanced features that appear discretely. As an alternative, use the watch as a remote control.

  • The VR is a Forerunner to Apple Glass

The Apple Glass is yet another mega ambition of Apple, and the VR Headset is a precursor to it. The Apple Glass by design would resemble any spectacles but offer an AR (Anti-reflective) experience. The glasses would capture the surroundings and give the person who wears them.

  • A Future Perspective

The expectation is that the Apple AR/ VR would arm the developers in Apple to design apps that would help them launch the Apple Glasses as they need to have a feature called Augmented reality. However, the fact is that the launch of Apple Glasses is not soon, and this feature of augmented reality may not be a feature of this reality headset.

  • The Compatibility Factor

The Apple AR/VR Headset is expected to be compatible with all the Apple devices in vogue now. One indication of this is the Power or chipset resident in the MAC, M1. Therefore, if Apple desires grand success from its headset, it should be compatible with the iPhone and iPad.

  • Apple AR/VR Headset Release Date and Pricing

The Apple AR/VR Headset is by no means the ordinary person’s product and is expected to be priced above $ 3000.Some argue that it could even cost $3500, thus making it impossible for many hard-core enthusiasts of Apple to purchase it. Apple themselves have forecast that they would sell only one piece sold in every store per day.

  • Weight

The Apple headset is rumored to weigh less than 400 grams upon its first arrival. There are different expectations it would weigh less in the subsequent releases.

Expected Functions of the Apple VR/AR:

  1. One can use it for body tracking
  2. It can project the natural environment outside in a virtual world
  3. The sensors and cameras would enhance functions
  4. Offer a see-through experience
  5. It would help communication, gaming, media consumption, and content viewing
  6. Hopefully, it will come with a few AR features.


There is a lot of speculation about the AApple AR/VR Headset launch date. One rumor suggests it should happen in October 2022, and the mixed reality headset would be similar to the Oculus Quest.

Thus, there is no specific date or month, leave alone year, for the launch. With each day passing by, we are indeed nearing that day, and expectations would only rise further.

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