Amazon Echo Dot 4 Review | Amazon Echo (4th Generation) Price & Features

Amazon Echo 4th Generation comes with a fresh design and improved internals and is budget friendly once again. Amazon Echo Dot 4 Review. Best Smart Speaker below 60$/4500INR.

Rating: 4.5 

Amazon Echo Dot 4

Echo Dot 4 is the new model in the Echo series with the great upgrades that overcome the drawbacks of its previous versions. Echo Dot 4 introduced AZ1 neutral edge processor, a silicon module that will speed up Alexa’s ability to answer all your queries and commands. You can Stream millions of songs from streaming services such as Amazon Prime Music, Spotify, JioSaavn, Gaana, Apple Music and Hungama Music, and also enjoy every smart home functionality that premium smart assistants like Amazon Echo provide, for a much lesser price.

The audio quality of the 4th gen Echo Dot is more richer than the 3rd Gen Echo Dot and has much stronger bass and voice clarity.

  • Good sound quality (Surprisingly strong bass for its size)
  • Budget friendly
  • Stereo pairing
  • Kids edition of Echo Dot
  • Can’t stereo pair with previous generation models (4th Gen does not stereo pair with 3rd Gen)

Design Amazon Echo Dot 4:

Amazon Echo Dot 4

Echo Dot 4 measures 3.5 inches tall and 3.9 inches wide. There is a single 1.6-inch in-built speaker for voice feedback with 3.5mm stereo audio output. Echo Dot 4 has an advanced audio distribution profile which provides support for audio streaming from your mobile device to Echo Dot or from your Echo Dot to a bluetooth speaker. Dot 4 comes with Dual-band WiFi technology.

The Echo Dot 4 Alexa app is compatible with the Fire OS, Android, iOS devices, and also your web browser. A simple setup by Amazon Wi-Fi allows customers to connect smart devices to their network in just a few steps. The Amazon Echo Dot has an LED display which by default shows you the time. It has an ambient light sensor which gives it the capability to adjust the brightness according to the surrounding environment.

Amazon Echo Dot 4 The new Echo Dot 4 looks better than its predecessors. Instead of puck design from its previous version, Echo Dot 4 is taller and spherical in shape which looks like a ball with a flat bottom base that helps the speaker prevent sliding. On the top of the Dot 4, you get 4 buttons- volume up, volume down, microphone mute, and the action button which enables Alexa without having to say the keyword ‘Alexa’. At the back of the Echo, we have a power port with 3.5mm audio jack to hook up with your external sound system. 

One major change is that the Echo Dot 4’s ring light is now moved to the bottom. This is good for people who do not want too much light from the device, but want to understand if the device is taking commands or not using minimal light.

The Echo Dot 4 comes in various colors such as charcoal, glacier white, and twilight blue, and it is also available in kids version with cartoonish view of animals such as Tiger and Panda.

The Amazon Echo Dot is wired and must be continuously plugged into a power outlet for it to work. Unlike the former Amazon Tap (discontinued), the Echo Dot does not have an internal battery, making it impossible to work without connecting to the 15-watt power adapter to its Micro USB port and a power outlet.

Amazon Echo 4th Generation Sound Quality :

Amazon Echo Dot 4

One thing you’ll notice is now that the All-Echo Dot 4th generation is multi directional speaker, and it also sounds louder compared to the Echo 3, although the driver is of the same size as its predecessor. The voice clarity in Amazon Echo Dot 4 is pretty crisp and clear for your bedroom. However, this may not be your primary speaker for music. For that, you need to go for Amazon Echo 3rd Gen or 4th Gen, which is equipped with premium sound features.

The music you listen to the 4th Generation Dot will sound more full, and the vocals and mids definitely got a boost so you would be able to hear them a lot clearer on the 4th Generation than on the 3rd Generation Echo Dot. Also, you would notice Alexa’s voice became more clear and audible in the 4th Gen.

Shopping :

Amazon Echo Dot 4

Amazon Echo Dot 4 Review: Much like the Alexa app, you can now use the Amazon Shopping app hands-free. You can ask Alexa to search for products, check your order status, and manage your shopping lists. To get started, open (or download) the Amazon shopping app on your phone and tap the Microphone icon in the search bar. Select Continue and tap OK to give Amazon access to your microphone 

Now you can say “Alexa, where’s my stuff”, and it would navigate to your orders. If looking for a product, say something like “Alexa, show me some machines.” To see your shopping list, say “Alexa, show me my shopping list.”

Smart home controller:

Amazon Echo Dot 4

Another big use of Amazon Echo Dot 4 is home automation. Initially you need some heavy lifting to do. Purchase Alexa compatable smart lights, smart plugs, thermostats, cameras etc. Once it’s connected, I can use Alexa and issue commands to turn on the lights, change the color of the lamps, adjust the security camera, and many more.

Another practical use of Alexa is that it can control smart gadgets like AC, TV, and other compatible devices. If we get Echo Dot 4 and Fire TV, then all you need is to say ‘Alexa watch Mirzapur from prime video’, and Alexa will instantly pair up with Fire TV and play the show on the TV. Needless to say, we can also pause, skip, stop, and adjust the volume using voice commands. If you are watching a movie, and someone says “Alexa, I’m grabbing a snack”, Alexa will pause your TV and turn on the smart lights in your kitchen. Once the person says “Alexa, I’m back,” the voice assistant will turn off the lights and resume the movie. There is a reason why it’s called a smart speaker.

Echo Dot 4 can work with your compatible security camera and show your camera footage right on your TV. For this feature to work, you need to have comparable devices that work with each other. Setting up a smart home is not an easy job. But once you set it up, your life becomes a lot more easier and productive.

Music :

Alexa is also great for playing music. Whether you use Amazon Music, Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music or any other popular streaming service, Alexa got you covered. Many streaming service providers make sure their apps are compatible with Alexa.

Echo features have arrived in the form of multi-room support where you can group several Echo speakers to play music in your home. You can even tell Alexa which device you want to use to play a song- be it your living room’s Echo Dot or your bedroom’s Amazon Echo. 

Where do you use multiroom support?

Say, your mom is cooking and wants to listen to the same song you are listening to on TV. Now she does not want to bump up the TV volume for the sake of your neighbours. In this situation, if you have two Echos – one in the kitchen and one in the living room, you do not need to bump up the volume, instead, just pair the two Echos, and the music plays in both Hall and Kitchen in perfect sync.

Final verdict :

The 4th generation Echo Dot is surely a worthy upgrade from its predecessor because of the following reasons: Improved sound quality, deeper Bass, enhanced voice response, and great build quality. If you are looking for a budget friendly smart speaker with great integration with other smart devices, then Amazon Echo Dot 4 is probably right for you. However, if you are surrounded with Apple devices, then I would suggest you check Apple Home Pod Mini, which is more than twice the price of Echo Dot 4.

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