Amazfit T-Rex Review | Huami Amazfit T-Rex Rugged Smartwatch Features & Release Date

A rugged military-grade smartwatch for outdoor sports with a long-lasting battery life.

Rating: 3.75

Amazfit T-Rex Review

Huami has impressed the users time and again with its smartwatches from the Amazfit family. Yet again, they launched a model, the Amazfit T-Rex, specially designed for your outdoor workout requirement. Huami is known for its durable and low-cost smartwatches with ace fitness features. The Amazfit T-Rex lives up to the expectation and is one of the most popular smartwatches in the market. The price for the smartwatch is around Rs. 12999/$109Rs, and you can Buy the Huami Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch (Khaki) Online at the best price from Amazon. This military-grade smartwatch is suitable for both men and women. Buy Amazfit Products Online in India to avail the best offers. The release date of the smartwatch was in August 2020. Read on as we discuss the Amazfit T-REX 47mm Sport Military Grade Smartwatch in detail.

Buy Amazfit T-Rex on Amazon: US

Buy Amazfit T-Rex on Amazon: India

Key Features

  • Built-In GPS
  • Advanced Sports Features
  • AMOLED Display
  • Long battery life (20 days)
  • Robust Design
  • Military Standard Durability
  • Water-Resistant

  • Military Standard Durability
  • 20-day long-lasting battery
  • Advanced Sports Features
  • Affordable price
  • Water-Resistant 5 ATM rating
  • Clear AMOLED Display
  • Several sports features
  • No actionable notifications
  • Erratic heart rate measurements
  • Not enough watch faces

Amazfit T-Rex In-Depth Review :

Screen and Build Quality


Amazfit T-Rex Review

The stainless steel and titanium make keeps the weight of the smartwatch to 56 g. With a 47.7 mm dial and rugged look, it does not look great if you have a thin wrist. However, the military-grade design and make can actually look pretty cool if you can carry it well. The silicone strap, unlike most watches, is perfectly designed for comfortable outdoor wear, for long hours. The strap is non-removable. The Huami Amazfit T-Rex has a MIL-STD-810G rating and has been certified by 12 certifying authorities at least. This smartwatch, unlike most others, can withstand extremes of temperatures. It can work fine, within a temperature range of -40 degrees to 70 degrees celsius, and has a humidity resistance of up to 240h. Amazfit T-Rex is available in 5 color variants, including, Black, grey, khaki, white and green camouflage, and army green. It comes with 4 screw-like buttons, which you can use alternatively for watch functions along with the touch panel. 


Amazfit T-Rex Review

The robust-looking smartwatch comes with the good display quality. With its convex bezel, the dial is protected from any damage to the AMOLED screen during workouts. The Gorilla Glass 3 layer ensures that your smartwatch display has additional protection. The 360*360 resolution ensures that your display screen is bright enough for clear visibility even on a bright sunny day. The touch sensitivity is pretty good. 

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Battery Life and Battery Mode

The Military Grade Huami Amazfit T-Rex comes with a great battery life of 20 days in the normal smartwatch mode. The 390mAh battery is powerful enough to last you for 20 days, even with the GPS mode and some minor fitness features. You can get the battery fully charged within 90 minutes to use it for long durations for your fitness tracking requirements. 

Amazfit T-Rex Review: Fitness Tracking

Amazfit T-Rex Review

The Amazfit T Rex is a smartwatch for those who prefer outdoor activities. The GPS functionality is more or less accurate and can help you track your route back even when you cannot be on the lesser-known route. You can track your fitness information for outdoor running, walking, trail running, skiing, trekking, indoor run, treadmill workout, and more. The smartwatch is water-resistant up to 50 meters and allows you to track your swim as well. The Strava app is also compatible with this smartwatch, so you can measure your stride length, run intensity, speed, distance, and heart rate, among others, while you are taking a running course. There are 14 different sports modes to choose from, but it is a small number when you consider a sports watch of this quality. Huami could have done a better job with the number of available sports modes and the different watch faces associated with it. The workouts can track some basic fitness metrics such as time, mileage, calorie burnt, speed, heart rate, and the like. 

Amazfit T-Rex Review: Health Tracking

Amazfit T-Rex Review

Amazfit T Rex runs on Huami’s proprietary operating system which is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The BioTracker measures your heart rate 24/7 accurately. Sleep tracking is available with this smartwatch which provides the necessary information to the user about their sleep cycle and sleeps quality. Buy Amazfit T-Rex Khaki Smart Watch For Unisex Online and start tracking your health from day 1. However, to get elaborate information on health metrics, you will require the Amazfit mobile app which is not very intuitive and could be improved on by the manufacturer. 

Amazfit T-Rex Review: Smartwatch Features

Amazfit T-Rex Review

If you are looking for a smartwatch to use the smartphone features, the Amazfit T-rex might not be a great option for you. As it does not have a built-in microphone and a built-in speaker, you cannot give voice commands from your wrist. Also, there are no options of taking calls or talking on calls from your wrist. You can, however, get notifications about incoming calls which you can reject from your wrist. The device does have space for music storage. Hence, you will not be able to play music on the go if you wish to. You can only swipe through the notifications responding to texts and emails, or taking action on reminders and alerts is not possible from your smartwatch. You need to use your phone for the same.

Amazfit T-Rex Rugged Smartwatch Best Price in India 2021

Amazfit T-Rex Price in India 2021

The Huami Amazfit family is one of the leading series from the manufacturer offering some of the basic features at an affordable rate. The Huami Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch Price in India is set around Rs. 12999/$109, which is quite reasonable given the features it comes with. If you are looking for a lower rate, you can get the Amazfit T-Rex Rugged Smartwatch Best Price in India 2021 Online at Amazon. 

Buy Amazfit T-Rex on Amazon


Though this Military-grade smartwatch comes with a rugged and bulky design, accurate features such as GPS and heart rate tracker, and fitness features such as sports trackers and the 14 elaborate workout modes, and health features such as sleep tracking can aid you in monitoring your daily health and fitness requirements. You will not find some of the smartphone features such as hands-free calls, responding to texts from your wrist, voice assistance, onboard music in the Amazfit T Rex. But, if you can do without them, the Amazfit T Rex can be a very good and affordable purchase for you.

We hope you liked our review about the Amazfit T-Rex Rugged Smartwatch Full Specs & Release Date. Also, check out our review on the Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 GPS Smartwatch.

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