Airpoint Ring Review – 3D Wireless Ring Mouse for Gamers


Technology has grown a lot from keypads to touch screens and now we are moving further from touch screens to air control gestures.

Have you ever imagined a device you can control without pressing buttons or using touch panels? No, we’re not talking about smart speakers here. We’re talking about the tech using which you can control your computer with your finger gestures. Yes, the world is moving a bit ahead on air gesture controls.

Magnima AirPoint Ring Mouse is a very advanced smart tech device that detects your finger motions and converts them into mouse signals so you can use them to move your cursor on the screens. It can be used as an air-moving device to control your computer mouse.

We recently did our research on the Magnima AirPoint Ring Finger Wearable mouse and here’s our very honest opinion on this device. If you’re thinking about whether or not you should invest in this device, read this detailed Airpoint Ring Review. Let’s dive in.

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Airpoint Ring Review – Wearable Wireless Mouse and Air Gesture Presenter

Airpoint Ring Review - 3D Wireless Ring Mouse for Gamers & Professionals

Key Features of Airpoint Ring

  • 8-10 Hours Battery Life
  • 6-Axis 3-D Accelerometer
  • Capacitive Touchpad

  • Easily runs for 10+ hours on a single charge
  • Can be used as an extra gaming control
  • Best tool for presenting professional meetings & conferences
  • The price of the device is very costly

We have been from the phase of the wired computer mouse to the wireless mouse. But this Wireless AirPoint Mouse is a lot way more different than those. The Magnima AirPoint Ring Finger Wearable is an advanced airborne mouse you can take in use to control your computer. You can use it by giving air gestures or even by dragging your finger at the table.

It is a specially built 3D Wireless Ring Mouse for Gamers. If you are a gamer, you can use this as an extra control along with your current gaming setup. Not just for gamers, if you are a professional who needs to present conference presentations, this can be a really useful tool.

Instead of a remote or a computer mouse, you can switch to different slides by sliding your fingers in the air. It looks super cool and you look a bit more professional. It has a wireless range of 131 feet. That means you can control it even while walking in the conference room easily from anywhere.

The battery backup of this device is around 10 days on a single charge. It’s a very small device and does not consume much electricity, so it easily gets charged in a very short span of time. You can charge it by using the traditional USB Type C cable.

By looking at the picture you won’t be able to guess, but it is a very little device that fits on your finger. It weighs around 50 grams & can be easily worn on both left or right-hand fingers.

Talking about compatibility, you can use it with Windows 8 or later & on macOS 10.10 or later. It has so many features that you can use to present your conference presentations really professionally.

It comes along with powerful presentation tools like Spotlight, Magnifier, and a virtual laser pointer to help you with ease in your professional journey. Overall, it is definitely a useful tool built for professionals who are into a lot of conference meetings.

Buy Airpoint Ring mouse on Amazon

How does it Work?

The Magnima AirPoint Ring wireless mouse control works by translating wrist movements to smooth computer cursor signals. Basically, it has a 6-axis accelerometer that can easily detect your motion and how you’re moving along your finger or wrist.

Accordingly, it is programmed to imitate how you want your mouse cursor to move on the screen. Then your movements are translated into 2-D mouse cursor movements and that’s how the signals reach your computer.

It is a Wearable Mouse and Air Gesture Controller Device at the same time. Magnima AirPoint Ring Mouse works really efficiently and it also does have a touchpad that you can use as a left-click button for the mouse.

Not just in the air, if you want to be a bit more comfortable, you can use your finger as a mouse on a table and it works like a charm in that case as well. This AirPoint Ring Wireless Mouse control is a very advanced move in the tech that is going to be used a lot in the future.

Is it Worth the Price?

The Magnima AirPoint Ring Mouse is surely one of the best investments you can make in your gaming or professional career growth. It is specially built for professional conference meetings.

Also, as a gamer, you can use this tool to add another control that you can use. Instead of a mouse, you can directly use your finger on the table to control your character within the game. When it comes to pricing, it is available online for under $200. It’s a pretty small device so it seems like the price is very costly. But the value it offers to you in exchange is surely worth it.

If you have the budget to afford it and you’re looking to buy the best 3D Wireless Ring Mouse for Gamers, this is surely one of the best options available for you. In case you want a bit more options, there’s a Padrone Ring Wearable Ring Mouse available in the market as well that you can check out. But Padrone Ring Smart Mouse is not as much as popular in the industry as compared to the AirPoint Ring Wireless Mouse Control.

The Magnima Wireless AirPoint Mouse is currently the best Mini Bluetooth Mouse and Virtual Laser Pointer that you can use as a 3D mouse. So in short, yes, definitely the Magnima Airpoint wearable air mouse is worth the price.

Buy Airpoint Ring mouse on Amazon


1. When was the Airpoint Ring Invented?

There’s no such detailed info but the Airpoint wearable air mouse was first available on Amazon on November 26, 2021.

2. Is Padrone Ring Wearable Ring Mouse better than Airpoint?

The pricing of both the products has some differences but the Airpoint wearable air mouse is very popular in the market and it does offer good value for its cost.

3. How long does Airpoint Ring last on a single charge?

When the device is fully charged, it can easily give you a backup of around 9-10 hours. But as the device does not really consume much battery, you can easily use it for several days.


Airpoint Ring can be a really useful tool for every professional out there. If you are from the United States, you can receive the delivery of the product very soon. But if you live in like India, you can check detailed Airpoint Ring Review India by customers to analyze whether it is a good investment for you or not.

We also compared it with Padrone Ring Wearable Ring Mouse, and you already know that the Airpoint ring should be your choice over it. We shared our very honest opinion in this Airpoint Ring Review guide, hope it’s helpful for you to decide whether or not you should invest in this piece of tech. For more amazing smart tech reviews, keep visiting.

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